Delicious Sugarless Baking Ideas


When we think about baking, a lot of pleasant thoughts come to mind: the quality time spent with family while doing it, the therapeutic effect of rolling dough or mixing batter; the deliciousness that it is to eat what’s left in the bowl once the baked goods are in the oven.

Seldom do we stop to rain on our own parade to think about the substantial amounts of sugar and fat included in the ingredients. If it tastes good enough, we can ignore the havoc it will create in our bodies, right?

There’s an erroneous notion that healthy eating doesn’t taste as good. What if I told you that there are healthier ways to bake our favorites? Don’t scoff ‘til you try them. There are enough options to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Alternative Ingredients

Let’s say you want to make brownies, or chocolate chip cookies, or a decadent pie. You can substitute sugar for bananas, dates, mangoes, or any other kind of fruit. Not kidding, and no, it won’t taste like cardboard. Think about it: bananas are really sweet. Dates are pretty much candy. And with a bit of open mindedness and creativity, you can make delicious desserts, such as Nutella banana cream pie, or peanut butter banana bread whoopee pies. You can also puree pitted dates and use them in lieu of sugar or butter and make apple muffins.

You can cool down during the summer heat with strawberry sage popsicles or with no bake caramel cheesecake. Wholesome ingredients, lots of nutrition.

Getting our children to make the switch


Eating habits are learned behavior. If you grew up in a home where mac and cheese and meatloaf was everyone’s comfort food, it will continue to be for you until the end of times… unless you retrain your palate. If your children are still small, you can teach them how to naturally gravitate towards healthier choices. If they are a bit older and already picky eaters, there are plenty of ways to redirect their dietary preferences.

Some bakeries are even opting to used a myriad of pureed fruits for their baked goods. The Food Network has also given this trend a try, with beautiful results. With so many businesses jumping on the bandwagon, the possibilities are endless. Give it a try! You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Bon appétit!

To their success, always,


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