Tips to Encourage Your Child’s Individuality


Do you remember Punky Brewster? She had the coolest room, and a very colorful wardrobe. She was fun, unique, and totally adorable. Just like Punky, every child is perfect in their own way. If your baby likes to paint with watercolors, or to add details to her bedtime stories, take a closer look. These aren’t just ways to entertain themselves. This is your child’s individuality shining through.

Being creative is a gift, and one that should be celebrated. Even when entire generations of children seem to like the same thing (think little girls dressing up as Anna and Elsa, or tweens loving Justin Bieber), each of them possess their own personality traits, with their own little quirks and nuances. There are several easy ways to help them feel comfortable with who they are; and discovering their little personalities is one of the joys of parenting.

Ask them questions.

The best way to know what they like to do is by asking them! If your daughter wants to draw some flowers, ask her about what she likes so much about them, which colors she likes the most. Engage them in conversations. Is it flowers that she loves? Or is it drawing? Is it both?

Get involved!

Participating in events with your children is another way of letting them know they’re loved. This has so much impact on how much they thrive in all aspects of their lives. Make sure they know they are always a priority; and if they enjoy doing something, mom and dad will be there to cheer them on. Which brings us to the next item on this list:

Be their biggest cheerleader.

There are so many things you can do to foster a positive environment for your little ones. If they love music, enroll them in music lessons. If they love sports, take them to sporting events and have them play in a Little League team. Be at every single game. Let them know you’re their biggest fan. Tell them you’re proud of them. But make sure that your praise is genuine. If you act like everything they do is extraordinary, then nothing is really extraordinary. Plus, if you always praise them, they’ll know you’re doing it just to do it, and not because it’s true.

Create photo albums:

Whether they’re physical books (hello, non millennial!) or of the digital variety, few things in life beat being able to revisit special moments. We all go crazy taking lots of pictures with our cell phones, but then what? Don’t let them fade into oblivion. Create albums showcasing your child’s talents and hobbies.

As long as they’re being respectful and keeping up with their responsibilities, letting your child be is one of the best things you can do for them. Let them pose like a superhero for their class photo if that makes them happy. After all, isn’t that what, as parents, we all want for our kids?

To their success, always,


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One thought on “Tips to Encourage Your Child’s Individuality

  1. Great post! I recommend every parrent read and follow the guidelines written. Children often times get frowned upon for being different by their peers, having their parent as their biggest fan allows them to embrace their individuality. Thanks Kimberly.

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