April on Cloud 9

Family Portrait by Cloud 9

Family Portrait by Cloud 9

Recently, I spoiled myself with an amazing experience. I booked a family photo session with Cloud 9 Studios in Wesley Chapel.  Owner, Jeanine McLeod did phenomenonal.

I rationalized the splurge in a two-part justification:

  1. We don’t have any family pics of all four of us.
  2. I was in dire need of professional head shots for the cover of a book I was about to launch.

 Here’s what I learned:

  1. She is awesome.
  2. We are a great looking family.
  3. I should have splurged a long time ago.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. She is awesome. She makes this easy for you.
  2. You can be a “cover family” too. It’s not us. It’s her.
  3. You should do this for yourself.

Wilson Girls Gallery on Cloud 9 Viewer

Wilson Girls Gallery on Cloud 9 Viewer

If this entire post reads like an ad for Cloud 9, it’s because it is!  The results are awesome and I can only take marginal credit.

From my precious 2 year old acting the part of the “terrible two”, to my husband absolutely adoring missing a morning of work to have his picture taken, Jeanine worked it all out and my family photos (and my head shots) came out picture perfect.

This led me to request the same opportunity for the families at my school. With only a few weeks left to take advantage of the opportunity, I wanted to be sure to put this info out there for anyone who may have missed the memo.

Here’s the deal:

Book your family session with Cloud 9, mention the “April on Cloud 9” promo to receive the specialty $250 bonus (available for the first 10 families photographed.)

What do I get out of this? Warm fuzzies to know that other families have gorgeous portraits (like I do) to capture the beauty of their family forever. AND for the families that attend my school, a portrait of their family to add to the collection I am beginning in the entry of the school showcasing one of our core philosophies, the importance of the collaboration necessary between school and home.

Do this for yourself and your family, you deserve it!

Enjoy the journey, the future is in your hands!

Kimberly Wilson

One thought on “April on Cloud 9

  1. Thank you Kimberly for the blog shout out … it was amazing photographing your family and telling your story in images! Your girls have so much personality (gee, I can’t imagine where they get that from!) and capturing their spirit through my camera for you was a true honor.


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