High stakes testing, is there a better way?

Right now, across our the Sunshine State hundreds of thousands of children are set to participate in the new Florida Standards Assessment. But are they?

Some parents are choosing for their child to opt out of the test in its entirety, calling the test a waste of classroom time and identifying it with “data and dollars” while others taking the test were unfortunate enough to experience technical glitches, ranging in severity from slow operation to inability to sign on with some getting kicked off and loosing all testing progress.

There is no better time than now to reexamine the need for such a test.

What is the point of the testing? Too often, the answer has to do with politics and funding.

To be clear, education is not about politics and it is not about funding and it CERTAINLY is not a “one size fits all” hat.  The correct answer is “to provide assurances that each and every child is receiving the education that is their legal right.”

Meeting the needs of the individual child using an engaging project-based approach, measurement through real life results, no-ceiling on learning opportunities and developmental placement is an achievable goal and the only way to maximize our education system to unlock limitless potential for our children.

Let’s remove the stress filled weeks of high-stakes testing our students and teachers must endure to pass muster.  There is no better time than now to contact your state legislative representative to have your opinion heard.  These our our children and this is their future, it matters.

To learn more about the revolutionary way we have unlocked education in my school, please contact me or visit www.LutzLearning.com.

Enjoy the journey, the future is on our hands.


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